Stadia Corporate Advisory becoming a division of Stadia Capital

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that Prescient Corporate Advisory is being renamed Stadia Corporate Advisory and becoming a division of Stadia Capital.   Our franchise has grown substantially during our five years as Prescient Corporate Advisory and we look forward to the next stage of our growth as part of Stadia Capital, a financial services business that invests internationally  in private equity and property.

A change allows time to reflect upon values and ambitions.  As Stadia Corporate Advisory we hope to build on our reputation as a business that pursues its mission with integrity and intelligence.  That mission is to bring together capital looking for opportunities in Africa and the projects and entrepreneurs who need finance to grow.  Raising capital for businesses in Africa, particularly in the social impact space, remains our focus; in Stadia Capital we have found a partner that can help us pursue it further.

Our name has changed but our goals, business model and team have not, and we will still operate out of our existing premises in Cape Town.  Our legal and working relationships with clients and investors will be unaffected by this rebranding and we retain a strong relationship with Prescient.

If you have any questions about this transition we would be delighted to discuss it with you.  We remain grateful for your support and look forward to doing great things together in the future.


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